Matthew Hawthorne / / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Technical Skills

Primarily Java, Python, Unix, HTTP, AWS.  Also a little Spark and Scala.

Relevant Experience

Principal Engineer (NLP and Discovery), Comcast (1/2019-present, Philadelphia, PA)

Working to improve architecture and operations for content personalization features on Comcast’s X1 devices.  Can provide more details upon request.

Sabbatical (time off) 6/2017-12/2018

Senior Software Engineer (Personalization Infrastructure), Netflix (11/2015-6/2017, Los Gatos, CA)

Built a workflow of Spark jobs to select a set of quasi-random Netflix users which served as the data source for many of Netflix’s personalization pipelines.  Used stratified sampling to appropriately segment the users across country, tenure, etc. to ensure that Netflix’s global personalization algorithms performed well for as many users as possible.

Built an application to generate Netflix’s personalized homepage at a specified date in the past for a curated list of users (aka “time traveling”).  Running this tool across multiple personalization models and groups of users enabled us to select the best models for A/B testing, thus increasing the speed and quality of our tests.

Senior Software Engineer (Edge Services), Netflix (5/2011-11/2015, Los Gatos, CA)

Modified company-wide Geolocation library to support resilient, configurable rollout of Netflix to all countries (minus China, Syria, etc.) in January 2016.

Built realtime “distributed tail + grep” application to allow querying of all non-CDN Netflix device traffic by criteria such as country, status code, customer id, etc..  This tool was monumental in helping us solve production issues and learn more about how devices communicate with our services.

Migrated Netflix’s Edge to split North American device traffic between us-east and us-west Amazon regions in late 2013.  Required DNS changes, mapping countries and states to regions, secure cross-region traffic, and a configurable dial to control split of traffic in real time.

Helped with refactoring and documentation for open sourcing Zuul (aka Netflix’s “Cloud Gateway”)

Migrated Netflix’s Edge to a multi-region AWS architecture prior to European launch in early 2012.  Involved DNS changes and the design of a redirect protocol to point misguided devices to the correct AWS region.

Senior Software Engineer, Comcast (6/2007-5/2011, Philadelphia, PA)

Built an HTTP key-value store, initially backed by Amazon S3, eventually migrated to a pair of replicating Riak clusters (one in each data center).  This system served as a data store and/or durable cache for customer data used to power Comcast’s XfinityTV website and mobile apps.

Served as tech lead and scrum master for Strategic Infrastructure team.  Ran daily scrums, planning meetings and retrospectives, coordinated with Operations teams, QA, and external vendors.

Worked on a CMS that was used to manage and publish editorial content for and

Archived Experience

(shortened to limit resume to 2 pages - can provide details upon request)

Software Engineer, FGM (7/2003-3/2007, San Diego, CA)

Software Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Company (5/2001-5/2003 Pittsburgh, PA)

Software Engineer, Soleil Technologies (6/2000-2/2001 Pittsburgh, PA)


BS, Computer Engineering, University of Pittsburgh (8/1996-4/2000 Pittsburgh, PA)

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