matthew hawthorne

Why Hire Me?



I’ve built software for Netflix, Twitter, Comcast, and a handful of other companies.

I’m comfortable working alone, or leading a team.

My focus areas are:

  • AI and ML infrastructure
  • Distributed Systems, APIs, and general backend engineering concepts
  • Languages: Java, Scala, Python, some Javascript
  • General unix stuff


I’ve worked in a number of different environments. Small companies pursuing rapid growth, and larger companies moving at a much steadier pace.

If you don’t need me for hands-on work, I can also help you with:

  • Choosing what problems to solve
  • Choosing technologies
  • Hiring, and/or improving your interview process
  • Optimizing team structure
  • Building your technical roadmap for this year and beyond


I’ve been interviewed and hired many times, promoted, nearly PIPed, and maybe even fired once or twice.

No matter what your situation is, I can offer a fresh perspective to help you achieve your goals.

I’ve also done countless tech screens and interviews, both as a candidate and an interviewer. So if you’re looking to improve your resume and/or interview performance, I can help with that too.

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